New and Used Car Parts on Sale

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Need those missing pieces for your restoration project?

We'll be listing an assortment of new and used car parts here. 

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Wanted - Gear cluster for Nissan 5 speed 56A close ratio gearbox

Updated 24 Jul 2013

Brand new boxed set of sports suspension springs for Mazda MX 5

New boxed set of Porsche 944  suspension dampers/ struts

4 pcs Campagnolo Magnesium alloy wheels for Alfa GTV

New boxed set Audi suspension/ springs

Mercedes 123 & 124 used propellor shaft assys

Alfa GTV 2000 used rear axle assy

Alfa GTV 2000 5 speed used gearbox assy

Alfa GTV 2000 used cylinder head assy

Alfa 1300 GT Junior Shankle Race engine, used - RARE

Minilite wheels for Alfa GTV

Brand new Proton Saga alloy intake manifolds - twin DCOE Weber carbs

4 pcs 14" MGB wire rims, painted - Used with good tyres

Mini remote and rod change gearboxes - used & rebuilt available

Mini remote and rod change gearbox parts - gears, baulk rings, bearings, gaskets, seals etc

Many parts available for a variety of classic & vintage cars - from rare new old stock, reconditioned, good used to core exchange items.....  contact us with your requirements.