David Works Garage

David Works Garage is a family run business backed by over 25 years of dedication. The business deals mainly with the upkeep and restoration of classic and vintage automobiles. David Chan started maintaining and upgrading classic sports cars in the early 70s and realised that there are other enthusiasts, like him, who appreciate personal service and good workmanship. The growing business has established quite a name for itself with many loyal clients, many of whom, have become good friends. The range of services offered span from a simple oil change to full engine rebuilds, under-carriage overhauls, bodywork restoration and supply or importation of original quality parts.

Modification work is a speciality with many one-offs built to clients' requirements. Engine blue-printing, camshaft regrinds, lightening and balancing of internal components are just some of the examples of engine work that improve an engine's performance and responsiveness.

Suspension upgrades are also carried out which improve a car's roll center, weaving under braking, dive characteristics, cornering and brake efficiency. Larger brake kits are also installed to reduce a car's braking distance and increase effectiveness. Both dual and single line brake systems are worked on to ensure that systems are operating as intended. Steel braided flexible hoses are used where competition work is intended and all hoses are made to the car's requirements.

We believe in coordinating the development of the cars we work on. It's not a case of mixing and matching components but careful planning that improves the overall performance and driving experience. In addition, car control and safety  are essential aspects of driving and  shouldn't be neglected  in the  persuance of more horsepower. We continuously strive to improve performance, reduce fuel consumption and improve the reliability of the cars we build.

Work undertaken is tailored to the specific needs of each individual customer. David and son, Brian, are also keen motor-sport enthusiasts. Known by many because of the classic cars that they compete in, they've been involved in many motoring events in both Singapore and Malaysia. Special preparation for track and rally events is another service which is offered. Personel who work on the cars are highly trained with years of experience. Every job is personally attended to with a high degree of detail. Road or track, cars are checked thoroughly and tested prior to release. Clients' views and inputs are welcomed and every effort is made to improve performance.

As Associate Members of the Institute of the Motor Industry, staying in-the-know of current developments in the automobile industry has enabled modern engineering and technological breakthroughs to be applied and infused to keep these special cars aesthetically correct while improving reliability & drivability.