After toying around with minis since my first mini, that was given to me... in boxes by dad (& boss), when I was 18!, I'd have to say that this little car has shaped my whole outlook on classic cars and my direction in Life quite dramatically. I've been involved in countless mini restoration projects and built many engines for road and track, of which, many are now in-use, locally and in countries as far away as the United States and Japan. There is truly no other car that can reproduce the exact feel and 'go-kart' like zippiness of the mini. Most importantly, I've met some very interesting and remarkable people from all walks of life who are equally passionate about these great 'little' cars. The following are only a few of the many pictures from my personal archive spanning the last 15 years... Cheers, Brian

  "Possibly the largest mini garage in Singapore".

Making mini restoration look mini...

Proudly owned by Singapore Girl, Ivy

Kids love the mini! Dalia, Jay Ann and Carmen.

Peter Ho grinning away.

That's me, checking tyre pressures before the qualifying session at Johor Circuit.

Last picture taken before complete stripdown and paint...  latest pics on Race Diary-TNC