Race Diary 2010

New race project - MGB V8 powered

Race results 7 & 8
Datsun finishes 1st in class for race 1 after it was uncovered that the leading class Honda Civic is grossly under weight. Andrew manages 3rd in class due to being blocked repeatedly by class C cars. Race 8 saw the Datsun DNF for the first time this year due to a faulty fuel pump and fuel surge. We were clearly in the lead when the engine started to sputter so decided to pull into the pitlane while it was still drivable. The race mini manages 4th in class, after the Ford RS (2000+cc!) manages to slip by when the class O leaders started lapping. Honda Civic was also pushed to class B until it gets it's weight sorted out. Class B winner is Wilson's Porsche 911.

Race results 5 & 6:
Datsun B110 finishes comfortable 2nd in race 5 after a big spin at turn 2 while dicing with the GT40 and second generation Mazda RX7. Andrew wins class B, beating the 911 Targa after a good drive. Race 6 was a fortunate 3rd place finish for the B110 as the car started to run out of fuel during the second last lap. Pushing hard to pass the RX7 used up much more fuel than calculated. The mini was driven very hard and ran well but this time Wilson's 911 managed to hold on to 1st place.

Excellent results for race 3 & 4:
Datsun Sunny finishes 2nd in race 3 & 1st in race 4. In a bid for points, the race mini 1275 is strategically upgraded to next class (3000cc!) and finishes a very respectable 2nd and 3rd in race 3 and 4 respectively, scoring valuable championship points. Giant killer.... way to go Andrew!

Datsun Sunny B110 on flatbed to Sepang Circuit

Excellent race results! Class A 1st and 2nd place for both race 1 and 2




Round 3 - 2 outright wins!